Family Wellbeing Service

Supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Families in the Lockyer Valley and Somerset regions.

Kambu Family Wellbeing Service practices a preventative and holistic approach.

We actively contribute to building deadly families in our community and support positive life choices by incorporating culture into our community learnings to     address underlying issues that are impacting daily lives.

Kambu Family Wellbeing Service implements a holistic approach to support families to connect with their community and culture.      


What is the Family Wellbeing Service and what do they do?

Kambu Family Wellbeing Service provides in-home support and connects you with     services to help with the challenges of raising a family.


Who do we support?

Kambu Family Wellbeing Service walks alongside indigenous families experiencing life challenges and would benefit from support.

·         The child/ren or a parent identifies as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person

·         The child/ren are between the ages of    0 - 18 years

·         The family would benefit from access to the Family Wellbeing Service

Please note that when concerns relate to an unborn child the pregnant woman must provide consent


How do we provide support?

In-home & community-based support & advocacy

Parenting programs

Groups E.G: Men's group, Deadly Mums group, etc


Types of support provided to families:

Child wellbeing - assists with routines and managing the day to day running of the house.

Parenting Skills - understand kids needs and development, discuss alternative forms of discipline and link with parenting programs.

Domestic and Family Violence Support - explore conflict between parents and/or child/ren.

Household relationships - improve Child/Parent relationships and communication skills.

Social and/or community support networks- connect with local peers, elders, services and groups.

Housing, Food, Clothing and Budgeting - make sure there is good tucker, appropriate housing and working together towards goals for household needs.

Physical health and disabilities - promote healthy lifestyles, access to health checks, medical specialists and create connections to NDIS.

Mental and Emotional Health - emotional support for the tough stuff, including help with depression, anxiety and self-harm.

Alcohol and/or drug misuse - the impact it has on families.

How do I access the service?

Complete the online referral form:

This referral form is for both families and service providers. We recommend you gain consent from the family prior to making a referral.


Who can refer a family?

·         Self-referral

·         Family and Child Connect

·         Department of Education and Training

·         Queensland Police

·         Queensland Health

·         Aboriginal medical services

·         Community controlled health services

·         Other Government and Non-Government agencies

·         Intensive Family Support


Family Wellbeing Service

155 Patrick Street, Laidley QLD 4341

Ph: (07) 5465 3353

Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm.