Men's Group and Health Checks

Men's health checks are done by a GP. Much like a 'Well Person's Health Check', a doctor will meet with the client face-to-face and discuss the family history of illnesses, current medical problems, their mental and physical wellbeing, social habits and risk behaviours (diet, smoking, stress, etc) in a private setting.
The doctor for the men's health check will always be male, and therefore men's business can be openly discussed. A treatment management or maintenance plan can then be developed for to maintain or improve the client's health.

If you are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander male living in the Ipswich or West Moreton region and you have not had a 'Men's Health Check' in the last two years, please contact us to arrange an appointment.

Men's group is run by Kambu Health. Health topics are covered in these group sessions and include topics such as heart issues, diabetes, prostate cancer, bowel cancer, breast cancer, sexual health, suicide prevention, alternatives to aggression, alcohol issues, drug issues and family planning. 

The Men's group works in collaboration with Kambu Health's other programs to help identify and address the health needs relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Men within a culturally sensitive, appropriate, and safe environment.

Through this program, Kambu Health is committed to creating an environment that our men, both young and old, can come and discuss different issues, learning from each other and respecting each other.