Chief Executive Officer - Stella Johnson


Chief Financial Officer - Sharon 

Contracts Manager - Belinda 

Accountant - Catherine 


Quality and Systems Manager - Lindsay J.

Quality and Systems Administration Officer - Hazel 

Quality and Systems (Compliance) Support Officer - Jautia 

Clinical Services

Health Services Manager - Lillian 

Senior Medical Officer - Dr. Krishna

General Practitioners - Dr. Sivajini, Dr. Su, Dr. Anila and Dr MunMun 

Practice Nurses - Rhoda, Liam, Michael, Patricia, Tyler

Allied Health and Specialist Coordinator - Torrie

Senior Medical Receptionist/Medicare Officer - Mayo 

Medical Receptionists - Chloe, Kodie, Janeeka and StevieJo

Practice Nurse (Care Coordination) - Pearl and Danielle 

Aboriginal Health Practitioners - Bronwyn, Zeleke, Suzan and Darren 

Eligible Midwife - Alison R 

Aboriginal Registered Midwife -  Krystal R

Paediatric Coordinator - Janet 

Early Years Program Coordinator - Karen 

Practice Nurse (NDIS) - Sibusisiwe

NDIS Administration Support Officer - Teleena 

Community Support Officer - Rendy 

Project Officer - Paul 

Children and Family Centre (CFC)

Director Education - Tegan 

Manager - 

Team Leader - Allyson L. 

Early Childhood Trainee - Namuli 

Early Childhood Educator - Sasha and Donna

Family Support Worker - 

IEYSP Administrator - Tamika


Coordinator - Lou

Dentists - Dr. Boby, Dr. Sonal, Dr. Hai, Dr. Raji, Dr. Simya, Dr. Darshak

Oral Health Hygienist - Sean 

Dental Assistants - Vicki, Carla, Stephanie F., Bree, Vy and Biasa


Transport Coordinator - Wayne 

Transport Officers - Athol, Richard, Waylon, Roy, Teha and Stephen

Cleaner - Lindsay B. 

Social Health 

Director Family Services - Lillian 

Social Worker - Shyni

Family Support Worker - Noel 

Men's Health Support Worker - Joshua 

Mental Health Advocate - Neville

Family Participation Program (FPP)

Director Family Services - Ann 

Manager - Yarraga 

FPP Worker - Ray, Clarrina, Yvette and Kristy