Children's Clinical Services

This is an integrated service meaning everything must interface from CFC into every part of the organisation including

different clinics, programs and services. The first point of call into our clinic is through the health check. You must be a client of

Kambu Health in order to access these and other services and programs. We have a number of clinical services specifcially

focussing on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children including:

· Antental/Postnatal 'DROP-IN CLINIC'

Check out the Midwifery Promo video here:


No appointment required

0 - 6 weeks and pregnant mothers and fathers

Run every Wednesday between 10:00am and 3:00pm in Ipswich

Run every thursday between 10am and 2pm in Laidley

· Antenatal 6 week individual EDUCATION program

Referral from doctor required

Appointment required once seen by Kambu Health GP

For pregnant mothers and fathers at any stage of pregnancy

· Immunisation Clinic

Contact reception to book an appointment

2 days a week (Wednesday and Friday)

For children through to adults

· Hearing Clinic

For children aged 4+ through to adults

Referrals can be made to Hearing Queensland from Kambu Health

Wednesday each week

No referral necessary but appointment required through reception

· Paediatrician

Attends Kambu Health once a month

Referral required from Kambu Health GP

Paediatrician will see children from birth to 15 years of age

· Occupational Therapist

for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children only aged birth to 17

Referral from Kambu Health GP and appointment required

Friday weekly

· Speech Therapist

for clients aged birth to 17

Referral from Kambu Health GP and appointment required

Monday weekly

One on one sessions + groups sessions available

· Physiotherapist

Appointments need to be made through reception


No referral required