About Kambu Health

Our Vision

To provide accessible, culturally appropriate health services that are guided by community governance, ownership and identity.

Our Mission

To facilitate and promote healthcare services with organisations to share the vision of Kambu Health. We are striving to establish state-of-the-art comprehensive health and services for the Ipswich and West Moreton regions. Kambu Health will facilitate and promote partnerships and alliances with other health care providers and stakeholder groups.

Our Values

Excellence - we achieve and maintain quality results and outcomes through continuous performance, improvement and learning.
Accountability - we take full responsibility for our behaviour and performance.
Client Focus - to achieve our mission we must be committed to those who use our services. Delivery of quality service is our uncompromising aim.
Empowerment - we create a culture that encourages people to exercise their judgement and initiative in pursuit of organisational goals.
Teamwork - we encourage active collaboration to solve problems, make decisions and achieve goals.
Respect - we recognise and honour the contribution of one another in our daily activities and create an environment where diversity is appreciated and encouraged.
Honesty - to achieve our mission we must earn and preserve trust of those we attempt to help.
Confidentiality - we respect the individual and family's rights to absolute confidentiality with all dealings with clients.