Chief Executive Officer - Stella Johnson

Executive Administration Officer - Lillian Garrett

Business and Finance Manager - Julie Mayes 

Quality and Systems Manager - Lindsay Johnson 

Quality and Systems Administration Officer - Belinda Brown 

Project Manager - Sharon Kinchela

NDIS Administration Support Officer - Teleena Gillespie

Administration Support Officer - Hazel Renouf


Senior Medical Officer - Dr Krishna

General Practitioner - Dr. Anwarul Hoque

General Practitioner - Dr. Champak Chakraborty

General Practitioner - Dr Arvind 

General Practitioner - Dr Suneetha Batthala

A/Practice Manager - Catie Pommer 

Practice Nurse - Kym Monzari

Practice Nurse - Jenny Blythe

Practice Nurse - Danielle Johnston

Practice Nurse - Liam Crawley

Allied Health and Specialist Coordinator - Kodie Amy

Medical Receptionist - Rebecca Crawford

Medical Receptionist - Lani Walker

Chronic Disease Care Coordination

Practice Nurse (Care Coordination) - Patricia Scott

Practice Nurse (Care Coordination) - Dolly Power

Aboriginal Health Workers

Aboriginal Health Worker - Bronwyn Brown

Aboriginal Health Worker - Darren Conlon

Aboriginal Health Worker - Kevin Sutherland

Aboriginal Health Worker - Suzan Chapman

Aboriginal Health Worker - Ziggy Fisher

Kambu Children's Clinical Services

Eligible Midwife - Alison Reid

Child Health Nurse - Janet Keats

Early Years Program Coordinator - Karen Meredith

Children and Family Centre  (CFC)

CFC Manager - Amanda Sheehan   

Early Childhood Education Assistant - Allyson Lui

Early Childhood Education Assistant - Naomi Brown

Early Years Childhood Education Assistant (Trainee) - Juanita Chambers

Medical Receptionist - Pam Bonner 

Transport Officer - Madonna Carr 

Dental Team 

Dentist - Dr Bobby Thomas

Dentist - Dr Sonal Chopra

Oral Health Hygienist - Sean Hsu

Dental Assistant - Lou Mackey

Dental Assistant - Vicki Flannery

Transport Coordinator  - Wayne Mackenzie

Transport Officer - John Kemp

Transport Officer - Dale Kemp

Transport Officer - Athol Goltz

Transport Officer - Richard Munt

Transport Officer - Waylon Bekue

Cleaner - Lindsay Bayles

Social Health Team

Team Leader - Joanne Chapman

Social Worker - Stephen Savage

Social Worker - Sadiqa Phillips

Family Support Worker - Noel Hicks

Mental Health Advocate - Christopher Cole

Recognised Entity (RE)

RE Manager - Lyn Guidry  

Child Protection Advisor - Kylie Hill

Child Protection Advisor - Robyn Kliese 

Child Protection Advisor - Colleen Auda